Piloting of Danube and Ionian Youth Entrepreneurship Acceleration

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Name of Programme/Fund: Eleven

Country: Bulgaria

Priority Sectors for Funding: investment focus is currently in tech companies that have early traction and proof of concept

Range of services offered: - a first round of EUR 100 000, having the ability to follow with up to EUR 200 000 more;
- mentoring services and trainings;
- require all companies to join at the Roof for at least 6 months, preferably 12 (space);
- access to technology products and services with a total value of over EUR 1 million.

Terms of funding: - In exchange for the initial investment of EUR 100,000, they become a minority shareholder in each company getting anywhere between 10% and 12% equity in the company;
- teams may be asked to register a legal entity in Bulgaria and relocate to Sofia for such time, as needed to figure where to move next;
- strongly encourage to seek co-founders to balance skill-set and apply as a fully-fledged team.

LAUNCHub Ventures

Name of Programme/Fund: LAUNCHub Ventures

Country: Bulgaria

Priority Sectors for Funding: - a tendency to invest in digital businesses, but prefer to remain sector agnostic;
- portfolio includes SaaS, Enterprise Software, Health-tech, E-commerce, Mobile, IoT, not limited only to those areas.

Range of services offered: Financial backing, but also fundraising and networking guidance.

Terms of funding: Partnership in the business is a requirement for making the investment.

Start It Smart | Pre-Accelerator

Name of Programme/Fund: Start It Smart | Pre-Accelerator

Country: Bulgaria

Priority Sectors for Funding: Not specified

Range of services offered: Start It Smart | Pre-Accelerator is an intesive 10-week training and mentorship program for first-time entrepreneurs. It provides all necessary knowledge and skills to make a startup ready for early product launch, joining an accelerator, or finding initial investment.
- Business trainings
- Mentoring
- Co-working space
- Events, exposure and access to entrepreneurship society

Terms of funding: Not applicable


The DSPF project DIY-ACCEL is part-financed by the European Union and the city of Vienna

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