Piloting of Danube and Ionian Youth Entrepreneurship Acceleration

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Name of Programme/Fund: Spherik

Country: Romania

Priority Sectors for Funding: Not specifically defined but supported start-ups are all related to web, ICT and online products or services

Range of services offered: Acceleration Journey:
- 4 weeks of heavy focus on validation of the business idea
- 12 weeks of intensive work of building the product, preparing a smart launch, then getting traction and fueling growth
- Funding.
- intensive program designed to help define, build and market-test the product
- connection with international partners, corporate partners and innovative startups
- direct assistance in shaping go-to market strategy, launching and optimising marketing machine
- access to startups conferences, meetups and one to one meetings with investors
- initial investment opportunities of up to €1 Million for the startups selected in this acceleration program
- Free private office and co-work area accessible 24/24 at Liberty Technology Park in Romania
- Access to office hours with over 30 high caliber mentors & industry leaders with various areas of expertise
- legal, financial and accounting advice, development tools, business development, recruitment and team development consultancy
- connections to potential clients, partners and access to international markets via corporate partners

Terms of funding: - The candidate has started working on a product and can show at least a prototype or proof of concept or some form of minimum viable product (MVP);
- The candidate needs to have a team or to be in the process of getting a team;
- Proven commitment in the startup;
- Need for product, marketing, funding or international expansion assistance;
- Ready to fully engage in the acceleration process for the next 4 months.

Risky Business

Name of Programme/Fund: Risky Business

Country: Romania

Priority Sectors for Funding: Industry agnostic (not focused on a specific sector) but prefer sectors of their own team expertise (tech)

Range of services offered: Investment between €20,000-100,000 in cash, plus comprehensive support and hours for product, marketing, go-to-market, strategy, business development.
They expect startups to work intensely to grow their startup. The accelerator partners work with the start-up every day on product, marketing, go-to-market and scaling, pitching, strategy, PR, business development, investment strategy, leadership. Each week networking and pitching events demand to tell about progress and next steps to the colleagues and the investors. There are workathons, workshops, and networking events based on the teams’ needs.

Terms of funding: - startup is generally in the process of building the team and initial product/prototype, but has a strong idea and the core team members covered
- startup is generally in the process of establishing product-market fit and early revenue
- accelerator program takes 5% equity, in exchange providing intense support for product, go to market, scaling, connections, working space, marketing and PR support, and more on an ongoing basis

The Carbon

Name of Programme/Fund: The Carbon Program

Country: Romania

Priority Sectors for Funding: Gaming Industry

Range of services offered: There are three service tiers. On the basic level, start-ups get mentorship, access to the Program contact network, admin services and working space & equipment. Second tier gives access to development services, sponsorship for industry events, PR and publishing services. Third tier includes development funding of up to 50,000 USD, either as a development grant or through rented development resources. In exchange for those services, start-ups agree to give Carbon 10%, 20% or 30%, respectively, of the game’s revenues. No equity, the Program focuses on indies (independent start-ups).

Terms of funding: From the teams that apply for funding, the Application Review team will select the projects with the best potential. The funded teams will include all 3 service tiers and in return for funding, 30% share of the game’s net revenues is envisaged as a Carbon share.

Crossrider Innovations

Name of Programme/Fund: Crossrider Innovations Program

Country: Romania

Priority Sectors for Funding: - Desktop and Mobile Applications (Gaming, Utilities etc.)
- Unique User Acquisition Technologies
- Content Technologies (Creation, Arbitrage etc.)
- Unique Monetization Solutions
- Native Advertisement Solutions
- Chatbot Solutions

Range of services offered: - Co-working office space
- Mentorship Program – technological and business
- Legal and accounting support
- Funding (it is provided only after a period of working together)
- Networking with industry leaders and investors

Terms of funding: - looking for early stage companies, prior to or during their seed round
- teams with at least 2 founders, but no more than 10 members, where at least one of the founders has excellent proven technical capabilities
- no need to have a live product, but should have a demo/MVP in development
- an online application form, followed by a face to face interview and a presentation. 2 weeks for processing of application
- initial residency period in the accelerator of 3 months but flexibility is allowed

Faster Capital

Name of Programme/Fund: Faster Capital

Country: Romania

Priority Sectors for Funding: IT field (software, internet or mobile)

Range of services offered: - Mentorship
- Consultation: legal, marketing, finance and technical
- Network of investors and start-ups
- Regional Partner: a network of regional partners (100+). Regional partners can help in accessing new markets, market feasibility, product variation and culturalization.
- Finance: FasterCapital will feature the startup on its website and on its newsletter. The goal is to find an investor willing to put capital on the startup. It might also co-invest based on Faster Capital co-funding model.

Terms of funding: - Don’t give cash money. Co-fund by building the technical product. The team of developers of the Program will assist with wide skills, ready to develop the technical product from scratch.
- 50% of the required funding, the others will come from another investor or own resources of the start-up.

Orange Fab

Name of Programme/Fund: Orange Fab Romania

Country: Romania

Priority Sectors for Funding: Smart territories
Products that will change the territories where people live and work: products that will push the transformation towards Smart Cities, that will change the rules of agriculture through technology, that creates new ways of gaining, storing or saving energy or that rethinks the ways retail is done.
• Smart City
• Agritech
• Energy
• Retail

Future of life
This is the track for product about life – how it can be simulated by computers in order to break current technological barrier through artificial intelligence, how it can be further engineered using biotechnologies or how digitalization could bring impactful changes in people’s life.
• Artificial intelligence
• Biotech
• Digital life
• Health
• Smart Mobility

Networks of future
As more and more people and objects will be connected to the network and the information transported through the networks will become more and more important and complex, this track is seeking for products that will change fundamentally the communication networks and help create the ultimate smart network.
• Blockchain
• Software Defined Networking
• Quality of Experience management
• Network APIs

Security is an essential prerequisite for the functioning of any system so the focus of this track is on products that can deliver outstanding security innovations, be it in the digital world or in the physical world.
• Cyber
• Military

Range of services offered: The teams accepted in the program receive mentorship from Orange specialists, tech experts, product managers or entrepreneurship leaders. Plus, they will get access to the innovative technologies of Orange and Orange Fab partners.
• Co-innovation : help to further enhance your product
• Access to Orange and partners technologies
• Develop project together that will lead to Proof of Concepts with Orange customers which may further lead to integration into existing Orange products
• Mentorship from tech experts and entrepreneurship leaders
• Working space in an innovation heavy environment
• Distribution via a large partner network and access to Orange group for international product validation
• Exposure to funding opportunities like Orange Digital Venture

Terms of funding: No funding offered


Name of Programme/Fund: Techcelerator

Country: Romania

Priority Sectors for Funding: • Fintech
• MedTech
• AI
• CyberSecurity
• Digital Transformation
• Hardware
• Mobile

Range of services offered: Intensive Edu Sessions
BOOTCAMP - a 2 day intensive meet-up.

Professional Workshops
Business scale-up workshops held by mentors and market professionals.

Individual Mentorship
The team will be matched with mentors, who'll focus on clarifying each step in the launch journey.

StartUp Demoday
The final cohort event in front of an important group of investors.

Seed Round Funding
If startup proves its potential, it has the opportunity to be invited to a seed round analysis and funding.

Office Space

Horizontal Support
Access to discounted legal or accounting services offered by long run partners.

Constant Networking
Constant access to a network of professionals, experts & investors, through dedicated events or facilitated meetings.

Scalability Services

Marketing Services

Terms of funding: Investment up to €100K
Cash €25k for 6% equity, and have the chance to get more (up to €75K) in convertible note until the end of the program


The DSPF project DIY-ACCEL is part-financed by the European Union and the city of Vienna

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