Piloting of Danube and Ionian Youth Entrepreneurship Acceleration

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Business Innovation Zoo-BIZOO

Name of Programme/Fund: Business Innovation Zoo-BIZOO

Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Priority Sectors for Funding: All

Range of services offered: Business Innovation Zoo is a startup accelerator and startup event organizer with a wide network of local & international mentors and angel investors, located in Sarajevo, BiH. Our vision is to help build and grow sustainable startup ecosystem. We provide resources, knowledge, cutting edge mentors and access to latest technology. Apply to one of our programs to have access to more exciting opportunities in Sarajevo & abroad.

Since August 2013, we are the official partner of Google Inc. on their beta program Google Developers Startup Pack.

BIZOO has organised several events – two Startup Weekends in Sarajevo, Google Bootcamp and a few other entrepreneurial events. Beside the acceleration programme, BIZOO has two other initiatives – BIZOO Startup Safari and BRAVE Startup. BIZOO is supported by the American Agency for International Development (USAID) through the program for youth employment and entrepreneurship with a project called “Partnership for Innovation”.

BIZOO Startup Safari is designed as a journey through five cities in Bosnia, in which participants visit companies from a specific field of business. Participants learn whom companies do business with, who their clients are and how they establish connections and partnerships, among others.

For those who would like to be entrepreneurs but don’t have an idea or startup, BIZOO can be partner in the BRAVE Startup programme, which has a goal to motivate young people to start an entrepreneurial life. This programme helps them to find their niche. Currently, it is taking place at three locations: BIZOO, The School of Economics and Business (University of Sarajevo) and HUB387.

Terms of funding: No equity is required.
BIZOO provides the startup with 20.000 $ in Google services, office space, mentors, help with business strategy and prototyping.
The best startups from BIZOO accelerator get to pitch their idea in front of Angels-Investors during the demo day at the end of the programme.


Name of Programme/Fund: SPARK

Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Priority Sectors for Funding: Digital technologies (Gaming & Sports Data, IoT & Big Data, and Digital Media & E-Commerce)

Range of services offered: SPARK is an advanced digital technology acceleration platform dedicated to regional startups and projects commissioned by leading European companies. The programmes are SPARK school, SPARK r&d, SPARK startup and SPARK business. Users are individuals, teams, investors, companies, researchers, and sponsors.

SPARK startup accelerates startup teams with a great business idea and takes them to an entrepreneurial journey. The industries of focus are Gaming & Sports Data, IoT & Big Data, and Digital Media & E-Commerce.

• For nine months, all members of SPARK startup programs can use space and all the software and hardware equipment needed for product development.
• Once a week, startups attend workshops on topics from the startup world, product development, business models, marketing, sales, finance, and global market.
• In addition to the regular weekly training, startups have access to local and world mentors who advise them through joint workshops or 1:1 mentoring sessions
• At least once a month they organize various events, all with one goal – education of the startups, young and enterprising people from the neighborhood. These are conferences, workshops, meetings, competitions, hackathons, forums, teambuilding events and the like.
• Corporate partnerships have a positive impact on companies and startups and change the corporate principles. They become more agile, more innovative and lean, and startups gain knowledge and access to the market.

Terms of funding: No terms are mentioned.


The DSPF project DIY-ACCEL is part-financed by the European Union and the city of Vienna

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