Piloting of Danube and Ionian Youth Entrepreneurship Acceleration

DIY ACCEL Voucher Scheme Guide for Applicants

1. Objective of the DIY ACCEL Project
DIY ACCEL Project is supported by the DSPF, part-financed by the European Union and the City of Vienna. The overall objective of the project is to enhance youth entrepreneurship and to showcase the path to successful funding for youth business projects. The specific objectives are to explore start-ups acceleration programmes in the different countries that are suitable for youth, to develop self-training and mentoring tool and to raise youth entrepreneurs preparedness to use accelerators as a funding source.

2. Objective and scope of the voucher scheme
The voucher scheme service will include start-up advice and development of a short (2-3 minute) demo video of the product/service of the successful applicant with the aim to help pitching to potential funding programmes (start-up accelerators). The main services included in the voucher scheme are:
1) Mentoring service of the selected ideas on successful pitching to acceleration programmes, including, where necessary (but not limited) mentoring on Intellectual Property Rights;
2) Development of a professional 2-3 minute demo video in accordance with the pitching requirements of acceleration programmes;
3) Presentation of the developed business ideas during a demo day to be held in Greece.

One voucher value is of maximum 1000 EUR. Maximum 5 business ideas will be selected and supported under the voucher scheme. The best 3 ideas showing high level of maturity will be given the opportunity to present in person to the demo event in front of representatives of acceleration programmes.

3. Eligibility Criteria
The service is dedicated to young people 15-24 years of age (UN youth age) that are willing to start their own business and have a feasible business idea.

The administrative criteria for selection are as follows:
1) The team members of the start-up have completed or are enrolled for completion of a minimum secondary stage of education;
2) The team members are not under persecution and are not convicted of crime in accordance with the national and EU legislation;
3) All necessary documents are correctly filled-in and are submitted within the deadline;
4) In case of a youth start-up of team members of age below 18 years, a written declaration of consent has to be provided by the parents;
5) In case of a youth start-up of team members of age below 18, non-conviction record must be provided by both parents of the respective team members upon selection of the project.

4. Necessary Documents
The application pack consists of the following documents that need to be provided:
1) Duly filled-in application form (template);
2) Non conviction document issued by the relevant court institution for each of the team members (or by both parents in case of age below 18 of a team member) – to be provided upon successful selection for the voucher scheme;
3) CVs of the team members of the start-up;
4) Copy of start-up trade register number;
5) Supporting documents proving the viability of the business idea (pictures, test results, records, etc.);
6) Proof of performing the self-test exercise on readiness to apply to acceleration programmes on the following link:
7) Written declaration of consent to apply signed by both parents for each team member that has not completed 18 years of age.
8) GDPR declaration of consent to process personal data signed by each team member.

5. Selection process
Evaluation of applications will be made by 3 experts that are independent of each other, does not know who the other evaluators in the scheme are and will not meet in person. They will sign an impartiality and lack of conflict of interest declaration in accordance with the EU legislation prior to being provided the assessment documents of the business ideas.

The experts panel will be different for each country of the DIY ACCEL project and will include 1 technical expert (an expert with engineering background or technical background related to the topic of the proposal, including with an academic background in the field), 1 economic expert and 1 representative of the project partner with experience or having worked on start-up support projects.

Experts will communicate only with the project partner and will not communicate among themselves. They will provide an independent evaluation of the applicants business ideas based on a set of criteria listed below. Upon necessity, an expert with an intellectual property protection background can be consulted by the partners. Each expert will award a number of defined points on each criterion with a short argumentation. If evaluation of assessments varies significantly among experts, detailed argumentation will be asked for from the experts.

The selected young entrepreneurs will be publicly announced and the list of applicants with awarded points will be made available. Project Partners will conclude agreements with the selected entrepreneurs for provision of the services regulating the commitment of the entrepreneur to use the service and to provide follow-up information.

6. Selection criteria
The applications will be assessed as follows:

AdministrativeIf there is an answer NO on each of the administrative criteria, the application is rejected.
The application form is correctly completed and no information is missingYes/No
All supporting documents are submitted duly signed and in original, where applicableYes/No
Declaration of consent to process data in accordance with GDPR is included for all team membersYes/No
The application is submitted within the deadline following the identified submission process in the guide for applicants.Yes/No
Quality of the business ideaMaximum points: 20
The product/service is clearly described0 points – it is not clear what the business idea is all about
1 point for a generally described business idea without details on the challenge, the proposed solution and competition
3 points the business idea is described with some deficiencies in details
5 points the idea is well described with included data on customer needs, competition and proposed solution (product/service)
The team members/co-founders are described and have experience0 points if there is no co-founder or any team member
1 point if there are 2 team members without education and experience
2 points if the team members have education but no experience
3 points for team members with education and experience
5 points for team members that have education and awards or similar achievements
The product/service is feasible1 points for a stage of idea only
2 points for a stage of minimum viable product/service
3 points for a stage of finished product/service available
4 points for product/service launched
5 points for product/service already on the market
6 points for product/service already having users
10 points for product/service already attracting first purchases

7. Submission process
All applications must be submitted by 30th September 2018, 12:00h at the following e-mail: The time of the submission as registered in the system is valid for the evaluation. Do not wait for the last moment!

Questions on submission will be answered only if submitted in writing to the following e-mail: by 15th September 2018. All answers will be published on the website:

DIY ACCEL Voucher Scheme Bulgarian Winners

RankingStartup/Project Idea NameTotal Points
1VICEM / Save the bees56
2Best bow44
3Game grew - blade or mask35
4Efficio/Mobile office28
5SmartMobileStore / Mobile shop22

Voucher Scheme Videos - Bulgaria

DIY ACCEL Voucher Scheme Serbian Winners

RankingProject Idea NameTotal Points
2Pledge – Digital Marketing Agency9
3ABC-ANP software 8
4Alarm System6
5Beauties of Eastern Serbia5

Voucher Scheme Videos - Serbia

DIY ACCEL Voucher Scheme Greek Winners

RankingShort name of business ideaTotal score

Voucher Scheme Videos - Greece


The DSPF project DIY-ACCEL is part-financed by the European Union and the city of Vienna

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